About Us

We fight for those who should be healing! Team Up Cancer fights for legislative changes at each State Capitol Building for young adult (18-39 age) cancer survivors.

Why do we fight to improve State Legislation for young adult cancer survivors?  
The United States Federal Government addresses certain legislative issues.  Insurance laws and certain medical treatments are addressed at the state level; for example, prior to Obama Care, Massachusetts was one of the few states that required insurance companies to accept preexisting conditions as the majority of the states did not have preexisting condition acceptance laws.  With Obama Care, today each state have differences in insurance laws and different insurance carriers.  The legislative arm of the American Cancer Society had to lobby in each state and had to ask legislators to require insurance companies to pay for oral chemotherapy.  Team Up Cancer lobbies for the needs of young adult cancer survivors.

Why do we lobby to improve Legislation? 

Even though it takes hundreds and thousands of dollars to fight to change state legislation, the long term benefits to the young adult cancer community is very cost effective. Once a new law is passed, moving forward, the new law improves the lives of young adult cancer survivors. In 10 years, over 720,000 young adults are diagnosed with cancer. We estimate it costs $500,000 to lobby for legislators to pass legislation in all 50 states. $500,000/720,000 Young Adult Cancer Survivors= .69444. In other words, it only takes .69 to lobby a law for a young adult cancer survivor.

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