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Up Cancer

Click here to help repair Team Up Cancer vehicle so  Rico Dence can continue advocacy work​​

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader"

6th President of United States John Quincy Adams 
Advocacy work of Team Up Cancer
  Team Up Cancer's mission is to advocate legislators or critical issues facing young adult cancer survivors. According to the National Cancer Institute, a cancer survivor is a person diagnosed with cancer.  Majority of the time Team Up Cancer's efforts will affect all cancer survivors.  Click on the pictures below to learn about the three pieces of legislation we are advocating.
"Say Yes to Cancer Patients" Act
Oral Care
"Stop the Wait" Act
On Average 7,500 Americans are waiting for bone marrow donation, and less than half will find a match. We need your help to fix this. Stop the wait for blood cancer patients! Click here 

 Help end the struggle for women and men.  against the lack of insurance fertility health insurance coverage. Click here  ​​
Saliva production can be affected  by chemotherapy.  Saliva is essential in helping teeth to be healthy.  Learn how we are working to help cancer survivors get the dental care they need. Click here