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Up Cancer

State Advocacy Priority For Nevada General Assembly 

State Advocacy Priority Nevada General Assembly 

Team Up Cancer is recruiting concerned citizens to advance policies that will help improve care for those diagnosed with cancer in the State of Nevada. We need volunteers to contact legislators within Nevada State Legislation about taking real steps to fight cancer in Nevada.  

Team Up Cancer Active Legislative Priorities for Nevada

 Click on the links below to learn about the legislation we are asking state legislators to introduce.
Establish a Rare Disease Council                                                                   Say Yes to Cancer Patients

Oral Care                                                                                                    Stop the wait for Blood Cancer Patients
Click on the links below to sign the active petitions for Nevada State Legislature.  Stop the Wait and Rare Disease Council will be sent to the Senate and Representative Health Committee Chairs. Each petition you sign helps to improve and save the lives of cancer survivors. Please share the petitions with your friends on Facebook and other social media. On behalf of all cancer patients who are cancer survivors thank you!
Rare Disease Council
Stop The Wait
Click here to sign the petition.  Stop the Wait:  Waiting can be the difference of life and death. The legislation will help to stop the wait for blood cancer and people with rare disease to find a lifesaving bone marrow transplant.
Click here to sign the petition. The legislation will establish a rare disease council that will assist those with rare disease get the best treatment possible.
Click on the links below to sign the active petitions. They will be sent to the Senate and Representative Insurance Committee Chairs.
Oral Care
Say Yes to Cancer Patients
Click here to sign the petition.Saliva production can be affected  by chemotherapy. The legislation helps ensures cancer survivors’ teeth receive the care they need.  
Click here to sign the petition.  Say Yes to Cancer Patients:  the legislation will fix the gap in insurance coverage for young adults dealing with cancer to freeze their eggs or sperm prior to cancer treatment. 
Make a difference in Nevada. Take Action. Fill out the form below and we will send info on how to get involved. 

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