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Up Cancer
Imagine being told, after being diagnosed with cancer, that your treatment will prevent you from ever having future children. After treatment, you have either been rendered sterile or face a frighteningly high risk of miscarriage. Unfortunately, many women face this reality every day due to their insurance denying a $6,500 procedure to protect one's fertility.
   Receiving cancer treatments is vital to patient health, but chemotherapy creates a lasting impact that most people do not think about. Chemotherapy has the potential to harm both the patients’ reproductive organs and damage cells. The damage that has been induced may make it difficult to conceive or may result in frequent miscarriages.
    Women who have been diagnosed with cancer may struggle to face the emotional and physical consequences of becoming infertile after chemo, and while this may seem overwhelming, speak openly to your physician about the types of cancer treatments that have the possibility of increasing the risk of infertility.
   Thanks to modern medicine, preserving fertility is possible with treatments such as freezing reproductive cells for future use. This type of fertility preservation is possible to conduct within a hospital that carries out cancer treatment or at a fertility preservation clinic; however, this can be an expensive process.
    Most doctors will not discuss these solutions due to costs and the lack of health insurance coverage. In America today, egg and embryo freezing is not covered by most insurances.  Patients who wish to 
have the option of reproductive preservation must pay out of pocket to have the procedure done, which can cost up to thousands of dollars. Without the money, the chance to have children is lost, and patients are left permanently infertile.
    Fertility legislative action is needed to provide victims of cancer with have the insurance coverage necessary to give them the opportunity to have children.  Help us bring the discussion to your state legislator so that medical insurance covers fertility preservation prior to cancer treatment.  Without the coverage, damage caused by chemo leaves many women and men infertile for the rest of their lives.

2019 States that are working to say yes to cancer patients and have introduced the Fertility legislation.
Click on the state flag to see current legislation

Kentucky Senate Bill 108    AN ACT relating to coverage for medically necessary fertility preservation services

Send Testimony to Senator to Senator Julian Carrol  [email protected]
New York Assymbly Bill 4506 Provides that policies issued in this state that provide coverage for hospital, surgical, or medical care shall provide coverage for standard fertility preservation services when a necessary cancer treatment may directly or indirectly cause iatrogenic infertility to a covered person.
Send testimony to Assembly Woman Michaelle Solages  [email protected]

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Your help is vital in bring awareness to your legislator.  Become a volunteer today and Team Up Cancer!